Teriyaki to Go

I’ve always enjoyed quick service Asian food as far as I can remember. The first chain that I frequented as a little one was Yoshinoya. It still holds a special place in my heart with the steamed rice, pickled ginger & all but a girl needs some variety too.

Yogi’s Teriyaki isn’t too far from me but I always seemed to forget about it. I finally decided to give it a try. I walked into the small restaurant at noon on a weekday so needless to say, it was pretty busy. The menu consisted of small and large bowls of teriyaki chicken and beef. I couldn’t decide so I just got a small combo to go since the restaurant was pretty full. Fortunately, I barely waited at all for my lunch.


When I opened up the container, the charred smell straight off the grill wafted through the air. Both the beef and chicken were very tender and generously basted in a teriyaki glaze. I picked up some extra teriyaki sauce but I really didn’t need it since the meat was so tender and juicy. The order also came with a generous serving of warm & fresh rice. There was so much that I didn’t finish it all but that’s ok since the meat was the star. Yogi’s definitely reminded me a lot of The Flame Broiler, another teriyaki chain. However I’ll be going to Yogi’s more since it’s closer to home. If there’s one near by, try it out!

Lookin for more Asian restaurants?

Yogi's Teriyaki on Urbanspoon

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6 thoughts on “Teriyaki to Go

    • Oh yeah, had dry chicken too many times recently. This was a welcome change.

    • You’re very welcome! Yes teriyaki dishes are so easy to make at home too! :) Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Yoshinoya’s gyudon! I’ve never tried Yoshinoya in the US yet. Is it good? This Teriyaki donburi looks good. I also prefer Asian fast food as it seems healthier…but I like Western greasy fast food too..hard to choose sometimes.

    • Yeah the “American” fast food is more prevalent so I’m more likely to think about it first. But I have to remind myself that we’ve got a huge variety of fast food & Asian yes is healthier. I’m partial to Yoshinoya because my mom took me there as a kid. There’s plenty other options that are more sophisticated these days but Yoshinoya will always be special to me. Thanks for stopping by!