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I like the El Segundo Auto & Driving Museum’s food truck lot simply because it’s an ever rotating set of food trucks that’s close to where I skate so I don’t have to go too far. It’s also not as crazy as South Bay Din Din a Go Go which I love but this one is definitely geared to those with a short lunch break.


I was very happy when Tapa Boy was coming to ADM. It’s been a while since a Filipino food truck has come to the South Bay and I was eager. I’m thankful that members of my family have passed down Filipino recipes so when I go to a Filipino food truck, I order things I can’t make!


This time I ordered Pork Tocino, a sweet cured meat with some warm garlic rice sitting underneath an over easy egg that oozed out a golden yolk over the rice.

The meal really brought me back to my mom’s kitchen where she’d make this for me most mornings. It’s definitely my kind of comfort food. The sauce accompaniment was spicy as I found out the hard way but thankfully I didn’t douse it all over my meal. I would just enjoy it as is with the meat, rice, and egg.

It was a very delicious lunch that truly hit the spot. I can’t wait for the next time Tapa Boy comes to the South Bay!

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