Travels and Things: Pasadena Trip

I hadn’t been to Pasadena since ’09 so a trip up was way overdue.


The first stop was Cham Korean Bistro where I had the cold soba noodles at the suggestion of another foodie. The sweet noodles and refreshing veggies, including seaweed were just what I needed on a hot day. The restaurant only got busier as our meal went on, it was a good thing. Said a lot for the place. The prices were just right and the place was very clean. I would definitely come back. I wish there was a closer one.


Up next, another foodie’s suggestion ‘Lette for some macaroons. Coming in at $1.25 a piece, it’s a bit much for such a small cookie but it’s not like we’d be here on a weekly basis. Along with the service, the cookies were also sweet. Again, this shop was busy, I guess everyone else wanted a nibble of these little macaroons. I’d only come here once in a while. The quality is great but it’s a bit expensive for me.


I finally made my trip over to the highly praised Intellegentsia coffee house. Walking in, I could already see why it was touted so. It seemed like they had the coffee down to a science the way things were set up. Definitely much use of the pour over method. It’s no surprising that the coffee was a bit pricey but it did sure beat the sometimes burnt taste of a certain large coffee house chain. Again, another one I’d love to see in the South Bay. I’ll take expensive coffee over burnt. Not everyday since it is pricey but I wouldn’t mind every now & then.


The final stop was Dot’s cupcakes. They warned no pics so I snapped this one in the car. The place was super tiny and decorated like a little girl’s room so it was all frilly & cute like their cupcakes. I enjoyed “The Mostess” a chocolatey send off to the Hostess cake. Next was the fleur de sel. Yes I knew going into this that it would be salty, and it was. Other than that, there was nothing remarkable. The last cupcake I had was their strawberry shortcake. I unfortunately fell ill after having it. Not sure what brought it on so I have to dock them a bit for that. The cupcakes were moist but I’d probably just stay in my area since there’s also plenty over here to choose from.

Other than my mild set back with the cupcake, I did have a good trip. I thank LA & OC Foodventures & GMangoMan for their suggestions!

Cham Korean Bistro on Urbanspoon

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2 thoughts on “Travels and Things: Pasadena Trip

  1. I miss Pasadena! My friends lived there for a bit, we had so much fun there, especially front row seats at Rose Bowl Parade:-) Those macarons are just gorgeous! AND oh my heavens, those cupcakes, Yum-O:-) Hugs, Terra

    • I liked Pasadena. It’s so cute up there. Just too hot for me but we like visiting every now & then