Hawaii Eats: Kihei Cafe

I can’t talk about Hawaii without mentioning Loco Moco. It’s simply a hamburger with gravy & a fried egg on top of a bed of rice. It’s just that easy to prepare that I’ve made them at home. Nonetheless being the little foodie that I am, I wanted to have it on the island where it came from.
On one of our last days in Maui, we stopped once again at what turned out to be our catch all for restaurants, the town of Kihei that wasn’t too far away from our resort. The reviews I had seen about the Kihei Caffe said that the staff was super strict and nit picky about the ordering process. Stress is not what I have in mind when I just want something to eat and I’m glad I didn’t listen to the reviews because I had no problem. The staff was nice, mostly composed of teenagers, and college types. There was a small dining area right outside which fortunately wasn’t full. We took full advantage of that as it faces the beach.

Like many of the other dishes I had on my trip, the loco moco was served in such a generous portion that I had plenty for later. That fridge in our room got a lot of use!

The dish was very similar to the one I’ve made at home which let me know that I did it right at least. The only difference was that there was more gravy that seemed to be made from scratch, a plus. As easy as the dish was, it was nice to have it where it originated.

What are some of your favorite dishes you’ve had on vacations?

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2 thoughts on “Hawaii Eats: Kihei Cafe

  1. OMG!! That looks soooo delicious! i wish i could have one right now.

    One of the best dishes I’ve had on vacation was bacalo in Spain. Fried cod that was succulent and crispy at the same time. Yum.

    • Oh yeah, Loco Moco is so easy to make. I’ve gotta try the bacalo. Sounds good. Checking out your blog now.