Beating the Heat

It’s been crazy hot these past 2 weeks here in LA. If you or someone you know live in the South Bay, you know that central air is rare. With that being said, the house can get pretty steamy and you want to find some way to cool off…

Before I start reviewing ice cream places out here, I thought I’d take you back to my Hawaii trip where I was introduced to two shaved ice places.

I never was a fan of shaved ice, Italian ice, or slurpees growing up. It was all high fructose syrup and ice to me… well, let me tell you, it was the complete opposite in Hawaii.

My first stop was local boys in Kihei, Hawaii. This right here was a small believe it or not. So you get a lot for your money! Underneath this sweet concoction was ice cream. On top was some sweet kauai cream. I ordered strawberry passionfruit and it really hit the spot. I didn’t get that weird feeling when I eat too much sweet stuff. Instead it really tasted like the actual fruit juices themselves melded with ice cream & cream.

My next stop was Ululani’s in Lahaina, HI. Lahaina means cruel sun so this is a perfect place for a cool treat! Again, this is a small serving pictured above. The difference here was they poked holes in the ice allowing more flavor to go through. The staff was also more friendly, talking to us as they prepared the shaved ice so that was pretty neat. This was a sunset beach which was made of guava, mango, and passion orange. Again I felt like I was drinking fruit juice, not artificial stuff. I had a hard time finishing this “small” portion but it was totally worth it too.

I thank SpamMusubi310 on Twitter for suggesting these two places to me. It’s always good to get a firsthand opinion than from a tour book. I would’ve missed these two gems.

A friend of mine just told me about a Hawaiian shaved ice place here in Torrance so I will no doubt be heading over soon to try some Hawaii right here in the South Bay.

Local Boys Shave Ice on Urbanspoon

Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice on Urbanspoon

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